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New Beginnings


R15 02Nov15On Friday 20th November 2015 , Dr. Deiric Ó Broin and Ciaran Cuffe of the School of Transport Engineering, Environment and Planning host the third annual regeneration and development conference in the new Dublin Institute of Technology Grangegorman Campus.

Urban Regeneration and Development  practitioners, community workers and students are invited to a conference to discuss regeneration in Ireland today. With speakers from Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands, the conference will focus on what cities tell us, and the lessons from elsewhere on new beginnings in economic, social and physical regeneration. You can book your place at http://regeneration15.eventbrite.ie/


The evidence strongly indicates that the global economic crisis has had an uneven impact across cities and regions. This raises questions as to the resilience of different cities to economic crises, and the place of policy makers in enhancing economic resilience. Cities’ efforts to increase their resilience and achieve sustainability and increase growth and wellbeing can be significantly enhanced by making the best use of existing physical assets.

The concept of resilience relates to the degree to which various environments and systems can tolerate changing conditions and circumstances before adapting and reorganising around a new set of structures and processes. While the concept is sometimes understood only as resilience to climate change and geo environmental hazards, we propose its utility to local economic and social development be explored in broader terms – as an approach to the multifaceted nature of local and global challenges.

The contemporary challenges require innovative and sustainable solutions in the creation of more resilient and adaptive cities and regions, which balance economic competitiveness, environmental protection and social flourishing. These solutions derive in part from innovative enterprise and economic development approaches, and new thinking about the importance of “place”, building on the roles of urban design, economic development, citizen and civil society participation in policy formulation and technological innovations to ensure that cities are developed in a sustainable manner.

Regeneration 2015: New Beginnings -the city and economic resilience

Using the existing urban fabric to sustain and facilitate local development

Afternoon Conference, Friday 20th November 2015,

Dublin Institute of Technology, Grangegorman Campus,

St. Lawrence’s Building, Opposite the Clocktower

Grangegorman Lower, Dublin 7


12.00 Registration

12.30 Tour of new Grangegorman Campus

1.30 Light lunch

1.45 Opening, Ardmhéara/Lord Mayor of Dublin, Cllr. Críona Ní Dhálaigh

Session One, What cities tell us, CHAIR Ciarán Cuffe

2.00 Dr. Paul Stouten,  Keynote – ‘Lessons from the Netherlands’

Chair of Spatial Planning & Strategy, TU Delft

2.25 Transitioning Towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability (TURAS) projects & Connect the Dots in collaboration with TURAS: Philip Crowe & Aoife Corcoran, Marisa Denker and Naomi Murphy, Johanna Varghese

3.00 Justin Doran, ‘Insights into the Determinants of Resilience of US Metropolitan Areas’, School of Economics, University College Cork, Ireland

3.20 Questions and Discussion

3.40 Tea and coffee

Session Two, New Beginnings, CHAIR Dr. Deiric Ó Broin

4.00 Alison Harvey, ‘Empowering communities’

Planning and Development Officer, Irish Heritage Council

4.15 Conor Moloney, ‘New beginnings then and now’

Building Design Partnership/ Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), London

4.30 Ciaran Cuffe, ‘Housing and the  living city’

Chair of Urban Regeneration and Development, Dublin Institute of Technology

4.45 Questions, discussion and conclusions

5.00 Craft Beer Reception, Orchard Bar, Grangegorman Lower


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